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April 15th, 2009 7:09 PM by AJ Gentry

Sometimes people will go out and spend a fortune on furniture, set it up in the house, and not feel satisfied with the outcome. The pieces are great but something is missing. In most cases, they didn’t purchase the wrong pieces. They simply didn’t layer.

What is layering? Layering is the processing of bringing in contrasting textures, materials, and sheens. It gives your space depth. It gives it personality and life. It even lets you work with similar tones. Often times, people don’t want several bold colors in one room and instead want a more mature, neutral and classic theme. But they are also afraid of allowing the space to consequently come off as bland and boring. By layering, you can create an impressive space with only one color if you want. If you don’t layer, your space will look like a set of matching furniture purchased right off the floor at some giant furniture retailer.

Think contrast when you think about the textures. For example, say you want to work in two tones: cream and copper. In the photo below, the designer began with a cream leather bed. This leather has little-to-no texture, only a smooth surface. Therefore, in order to layer, the next item of similar tone should contrast in texture, like the pair of chenille stools at the end of the bed. Sheens are also important in layering. To contrast with the flat/matte sheen of the bed and the stools, the designer brought in silks and patterns on the bedding. Finally, a good designer will always contrast hard materials: copper, wood, glass and metal are all represented here. Doesn’t this bedroom look natural, professional and inviting?

Layering will give your space life and it will dictate the overall mood of the space.  The challenge is to figure out what mood you want to convey with your materials. You can go warm and fuzzy or cool and sleek. Hiring an interior design professional will help pull out the right materials and textures. 

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Posted by AJ Gentry on April 15th, 2009 7:09 PM



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